We make life easier for accountants

We believe that digitization and artificial intelligence is here for everyone. And that’s why we used our NATHAN-AI platform to create an application designed for self-employed accountants and small businesses. This is how Dokladovna was created.

Dokladovna is a web and mobile application that serves to quickly transfer accounting documents in digital form from the client to the accountant. These documents (typically receipts and invoices) are subsequently automatically processed by artificial intelligence, which extracts essential information from them and assigns them to the correct fields, or prepares accounting/advance payments. The accountant then just quickly checks the document and sends it to accounting.

Why to use Dokladovna?

  • Leave the rewriting of the receipt or invoice to artificial intelligence. You will save a lot of time.
  • Process the documents continuously, whenever it suits you. Not when you are under deadline pressure and still waiting for the rest of the documents.
  • You and your clients can see the documents at any time and from anywhere. You can work when and where you want, clients always have the documents at hand.

Take a picture and send it

All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt or invoice using the application on your mobile phone, upload it via the web application, or send it by email. And ideally immediately once you get the receipt. Thanks to this, the transfer of documents from the client to the accountant is quick and easy.

AI will transcribe the document for you

The integrated artificial intelligence service automatically processes the inserted document – reads it, understands the content and assigns values to specific fields.

Check and send to accounting software

The accountant can then simply check the extracted document on one screen, correct any inaccuracies, set the accounting method (pre-accounting) if it is not automatically determined, and then have it transferred to the accounting program with a simple press of a button.

Benefits for accountants

  • Distribution of peaks for document processing thanks to continuous sending of documents by clients.
  • Saving time when rewriting data – artificial intelligence will rewrite it for you.
  • The possibility of working from anywhere – you do not need to have physical copies of documents with you.
  • Offering modern services to clients – better transfer of documents, access to documents even online,…

Supported systems

  • Pohoda, Money S3, ISDOC
  • iOS, Android
  • Web browsers Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Benefits for end client (a message from an accountant)

  • You will never forget to hand over a receipt to me again, and you will get a VAT refund as soon as possible. You don’t have to worry about giving me receipts at the end of the accounting period. You’ll just keep sending them to me as you get them.
  • Your receipts stored in the Dokladovna will never fade (unlike paper ones).
  • The receipt will not be lost.
  • You will have an overview of your purchases and you will be able to compare prices – you will always have access to your receipts.
  • When you scan your receipts with a mobile app, you reduce the administrative burden of physically sorting, storing and handing out paper receipts. This will save you time and energy, which you can better use for the growth of your business, or for yourself and your loved ones.