Two decades of experience in the field of pharmacy in the Czech Republic and abroad. Creating our own applications, integrating systems and deploying generally available IT technologies – we usually help all our clients with that.


A comprehensive system for collecting, cleaning and transferring data coming from both internal systems (including subsidiaries) and external customers. This comprehensive system of MULTIMA as is further developed and managed by several pharmaceutical companies of world importance in many EU countries and Asia.


  • Pre-deployment data flow analysis
  • System deployment and management
  • Data flow control
  • Indirect monitoring of all connected data sources
  • Logging, roll-back if needed
  • Long-term systematic work on mapping data sources
  • Data flow optimization and elimination of duplications in data
  • Standard and specific reports (distributor performance, etc.)

Connect logistics system

For the international biotechnology company SOTIO a.s., which covers the activities of the PPF Group in the field of research and development of new anticancer drugs, we have developed a system to support and streamline the logistics processes of drugs in clinical trials.


  • Web application for internal and external users
  • Production distribution orders for medicinal products
  • Transportation planning
  • GMP validated system