MULTIskills is an application for sharing and storing know-how, manuals and handbooks, training notes and employee training evaluations. MULTIskills ensures the availability of information for employees, simplifies the process of adaptation and helps maintain the uniformity of process procedures across the company.

Simplify your processes

  • New employee smooth entry – prepare and share documents and procedures for the entry process between departments.
  • Continuous development of company know-how – categorize knowledge areas and topics. Share and develop procedures, manuals, guidelines and manuals.
  • Practice and knowledge verification – prepare tests to practice or verify the key knowledge of your employees.
  • Feedback from completed trainings – allow employees to share their comments and impressions from completed workshops and trainings with colleagues.

Knowledge base

  • A single space for sharing handbooks, manuals and procedures.
  • Facilitate communication about centralized and approved procedures to new as well as existing employees.
  • Clear structure in one tool allowing easy search of the topic by keywords.
  • Sophisticated authorization system.

Employee development

  • Support a self-learning organization.
  • Keeping all knowledge in one place in different formats.
  • Preparation of own training and tests.
  • Recommend other completed trainings/conferences.

Educational materials

  • Sharing videos, audio, images, photo galleries, text and PDF documents.
  • Training preparation, development and sharing.
  • Always available current version of materials.
  • Clarity – thematic division and easy retrieval of materials.